Best Hosting Plan

Choose Best Suitable Hosting Plan For Your Online Blog and Website


1 Free Hosting

Free Hosting

If you are new to blogging and you don’t want to spend any money on hosting and website stuff, but still want to start blogging. There are many options you can start with, you can start your blog on Blogspot, These sites provide basic facilities for blogging anyone can afford. You just have to create an account on this site and they will guide you step by step to blog posts. Using you can upgrade any time.

But using free service you can not have a custom web address, instead, you have to use a subdomain, for example,,, you will have customization limitations.

2 Basic Startup

Basic Startup
Basic Startup Plan By Bluehost

In this plan, you can host your own website. You can set your own custom web address like etc.

As the following plan is basic, it costs less and it provides more than sufficient features for beginners. If your blog/website starts performing incredible you can upgrade your plan any time.

This is the ultimate suitable plan for WordPress beginners and websites that have few countable web pages.

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3 Professional

Plus Hosting Plan Br Bluehost

This plan is for more visionary bloggers and professional website developers. Unlimited websites can be hosted on the single shared hosting account, unlimited parked domains can be configured. The best plan for professional developers who wants to host a shared website with limited pages. I do personally recommend this plan.

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4 Ultimate High-Performance Hosting

Ultimate High-Performance Hosting
High-Performance PRO Hosting Plan By Blue Host

This plan is not for starters, only keep in mind to upgrade to this plan if your online business needs very high processing powers and capabilities to handle the massive number of visitors.

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