WordPress Basics Video Tutorials

Basic WordPress Video Tutorials By Blue host

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Total 29 basic WordPress video tutorials are published by the Bluehost on their youtube channel.  In this post, we have enclosed all those tutorials as featured video. Please check the following list of 12 basic wordpress tutorials which are published in the above playlist.

  • 1. How to Install WordPress
  • 2. How to Create a User in WordPress
  • 3. An Overview of The WordPress Dashboard
  • 4. How to Install a Theme in WordPress
  • 5. How to Create a Page in WordPress
  • 6. How to Create a Post in WordPress
  • 7. How to Edit an existing Post in WordPress
  • 8. Distraction Free Writing in WordPress
  • 9. How to Add an Image in WordPress
  • 10.How To Create a Link In WordPress
  • 11.How To Embed Video in WordPress
  • 12.How to Create Categories and Tags in WordPress while

playing/watching tutorial you can view a list of above-mentioned tutorials by clicking on the upper left corner.

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