Example Online Business Idea

Organized template to describe startup idea for any online business

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1 Introduction – What is xyz online business?

Introduction – What is xyz online business?

  • Talk about person who can start this type of idea.
  • Introduction of idea
  • Smooth call to read full article

2 Why xyz online business?

Why xyz online business?

  • Market analysis & target audience
  • Keyword analysis, Google trend stats
  • Potentials, profitability & other benefits

3 Online business model

Online business model

  • Customer : about targeted customer audiance.
  • Product : which product, quality of product, trend, usage
  • Supplier : list of the primary suppliers & dropshippers list
  • Order handling & Payment : dropshipping & payment gateway
  • Required investment: time, money, efforts
  • Expected profit : basic profit margin.
  • In short: about business structure, website, blog, online store

4 Real life example

Real life example

  • Screen shot of live website
  • Link of website
  • In short : how it is implemented

5 How to start xyz online business

How to start xyz online business

  • Decide product : suggest some sample products
  • Create brand : guide how to create brand name, choose website domain name, create logo and provide brand creation assets such as logo, stock images
  • Take it online: build blog, website or online store. Provide affiliate links.
  • Run online marketing compaign : Give link to detailed marketing tutorial & pdf e books. both free and paid.

6 Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

  • Web Hosting
  • Website Theme
  • Free Digital Assets
  • Branding Resources
  • Tools & Plugins
  • Learning Resources

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