How to Start a WordPress Blog

Step by step guide to start an online blog using WordPress

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Starting a WordPress blog is very easy. Go through this very carefully chosen step by step guide. This will help you to become a successful blogger even you are currently only thinking of a blog. Once you start blogging you will be part of the great blogger’s community. 

What you need is some of your sincere daily dedication.

I have composed this guide in short steps to avoid long-tailed confusing tutorial, these steps links to their own brief explanation. Once you finish learning one step come back to this page to learn the next step.


1 Decide About What To Blog (Choosing Blog Topic)

Blogging is all about sharing, writing talking about a specific topic in which you are interested. It is about expressing your valuable knowledge and feelings to the online world. It is about living in the online world about you are passionate about. Good blogging adds value to the internet.

So, choosing a blog topic is the most serious and important step in starting a blog. You must have a topic and your own idea about what you are going to blog.

  • Your blog topic should be related to your area of interest, there should be something that you want to share with the online world.
  • You should be clear about your blog topic, what it contains and what not

Want help in choosing the best topic for your blog? Get Idea.

2 Give a Good Name To Your Blog

Before you set up the Bluehost account, it is always preferable to decide the following things about your blog, this will clear your intentions behind this blog.

  • Domain Name: Choose a domain name suitable for your blog topic. The domain name should give a basic idea to the visitor what is it about.
  • Blog Title: Give a good title to your blog, a title is the one-line description of your blog. It should be attractive and meaningful to visitors. A title is the first line visitors read. The blog title plays a key role in attracting visitors.
  • Blog Description: Write a good blog description what is your blog about in depth. Not more than 320 char.
Set Up Hosting Account With Blue Host

3 Set Up Hosting Account With Blue Host

Setting up hosting account is very easy, go through step by step tutorial to setup hosting account with Bluehost

Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account

4 Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account

Installing  WordPress is very easy, read this step by step tutorial to Install WordPress on Your BlueHost Hosting Account.

Publish Your First Post/Page

5 Publish Your First Post/Page

To publish your first post, log in to your admin dashboard, see how to publish your first post using WordPress dashboard. This guide will help you to learn the basics of WordPress posts and pages. Such as giving a title, category creation, page breakup, post format, media including, featured image, post slug, post excerpts, etc.

Choose Good Theme For Your Blog

6 Choose Good Theme For Your Blog

Which theme to apply? It depends on your blog topic category (Niche)  for example News blogs will use a magazine theme and a personal portfolio will use a portfolio theme.

go through this guide to select the best WordPress theme for your blog, it will help you to select the best suitable free WordPress theme to your blog topic. It will also suggest the best premium themes that you can use.

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