How to Setup Hosting Account with Bluehost


1 Visit Hosting Website

Visit Hosting Website

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Go to the You will see the homepage similar to the above screenshot. The offering plan may be different from shown in the screenshot. You will see the current hosting offer provided by Blue Host. Click on Get Started Now

2  Select your plan

 Select your plan

Your plan selection depends on your requirements. If you are about to create a single website or blog you need to select the basic plan.

Don’t worry about the future, You can upgrade or change your plan in the future at any time.

3 Register Your Domain Name

Register Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your online identity, so choose it carefully.

The domain name should be unique, meaningful and easy to remember.

Here for the demo purpose, I have entered, you enter your own,

then click on Next

4 Fill Your Account Information

Fill Your Account Information

Whatever you will enter here, it will be considered as owners information, Enter your primary email address.

5 Select Your Hosting Package

Select Your Hosting Package

Select your account plan,  Remember, discounted and offer price is different for the different time span. There is no need to purchase other add-ons like Domain Privacy, Site lock at the initial phase because they increase your budget. Just Uncheck them.

Select your account plan and then proceed to payment.

6 Make Payment

Make Payment

Enter your card information, check acceptance of policy declaration checkbox, Then click Submit

7 Blue Host Account Password Setup

Blue Host Account Password Setup

The confirmation email will be sent to your primary email id along with password setup link,

Choose the secure password for your hosting account which you will require whenever you need to login to the BlueHost account.

8 Log In To Your Blue Host Account

Log In To Your Blue Host Account

Visit and enter your account login information on the login page. Remember you can also setup Sign In With google account in the future for faster login.

That’s All,

You can go through following a complete step-by-step video tutorial.

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