How to Make the Right Mindset for Blogging


Here we are about to start WordPress blog. Before we begin you needs to ask few question to yourself. Because I don’t want to teach you starting blog by just showing some steps and tutorial,

What next after your blog is live on internet, what if your interest gone? So, make sure that you are ready with proper mindset that will lead you to active passionate blogger, whatever happened in future.

  • What I want from blogging?
  • Why should I choose WordPress for blogging?
  • What should I blog about?

Once you decided to blogging in WordPress, hear you have to choose from or Stay calm, don’t get confused.

  • In you don’t need to do hosting, installation stuff. All things are take cared by, Basic plan is free but comes with limitations.
  • In they provide you free-open source PHP installation script, which you have to install on your purchased domain along with hosting plan.

Here if you are just intending to go free then choose first option, but I think you want to be a good pro-blogger, hence you must purchase domain hosting

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