How to Install WordPress on Your Bluehost Hosting Account


1. Login to Bluehost account

To install WordPress CMS on your BlueHost hosting account, first of all

    1. Login to your account
    2. After logging into the account, click on->cpanel , cpanel options will be available to you9


  1. Under website section click on->Install WordPress link


2. Start WordPress installation

  1. Various option of available CMS will be offered to you, since we want to use WordPress , click on->WordPress option11
  2. Then the installation process will start, click on->GetStarted12

3. Select domain for installation

  • The setup will ask for domain name and directory,  If you are planning to install multiple WordPress installations on same domain in future, then only you have to enter directory.
  • Keep blank to install WordPress in default root directory.

enter your domain & click->Next


4. Enter admin information

  1. Enter your website/blog name and Administrator user credentials, such as username and password, email address.
  2. Click on->Next
  • Email address provided here will be used to send WordPress setup information. It will be used for administrator login.


5. Finish installation

  1. Wait while installation is in progress.15
  2. After few moments, Installation successful confirmation massage will appear, note down your login information.


6. Visit your site

Now visit to your domain address from internet browser, by default coming soon page will be displayed at your home page.


You can Click->admin Login to access your admin dashboard.  You can disable Bluehost Comming Soon! page from

  • Dashboard->Settings
    • General->Disable Comming Soon Page.

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