How to Host a Website


1 Learn Hosting Concepts

Learn Hosting Concepts

For website hosting first, you have to clear basic hosting concepts. Website Hosting means arranging all the necessary setups and files on the web server which are accessible from all over the world. This access can be over different protocols such as HTTP/https, FTP, SMTP, IMAP etc

Types Of Web Hosting

Type of website hosting depends on our requirements.

  • Web Hosting– For Websites
  • File Hosting – For File Sharing
  • Cloud Hosting – For Clode Based Files & Services
Hosting Platforms
  • Windows Based– Server system runs on windows platform, and Internet Information Server (IIS) is base for such a system to handle web requests.
  • Linux Based– Servers run on customized Linux platforms, supports almost types of opensource platforms such as PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python etc and Apache HTTP server is used to handle requests

CMS Based

CMS stands for Content Management System, this is set of programs and scripts that provides all the necessary framework to run websites. They can be customized.

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal etc

2 Decide Hosting Platform

Considering the only requirement of hosting website we can sort out following options

  • Either we can host a website on the windows server using basic HTML web pages or
  • We can host our website on Linux server using different types of CMS scripts [Recomanded]

We will continue with the 2nd option.

3 Choose Hosting Package/Hosting Provider

Choose Hosting Package/Hosting Provider

There are lots of hosting provider, and they provide almost all necessary services.

After reviewing all the hosting providers I come to conclude that the Bluehost is one of the best hosting service providers.  The blue host provides the range of hosting plans. You can select one of the most suitable to your requirement. Here we are learning to host a website.  I suggest choosing Bluehost Basic plan for starter and plus plan for shared hosting.

To choose good hosting plan we have to know about following hosting package concepts

  • Websites – How many websites can be hosted to single account/package
  • Website Space– Storage space provided to store website database, pages, scripts, and media files in GB
  • Bandwidth– How much data transfer over network is allowed per account in GB
  • Performance – End user request processing capabilities and hardware infrastructure provided.
  • Included Domains – Number of free domains included in the package per account
  • Parked Domains – Number of parked domains we can create.
  • Sub Domains– Number of subdomains such as,
  • Email Accounts– Number of email accounts associated with the domain we can create such as
  • Email Storage – storage space provided to store emails in GB
  • Marketing Offers– Speaciloffers, credits or discounts for email, Adsense marketing services.

considering above measures we can easily select the best plan as per our requirements.

4 Decide Your Domain Name/Web Address

Your domain name should be unique and meaning full. Domain name shound shound itself tell about your website. It should be easy to remember.

5 Signup /Create Account On Host Provider

You have to purchase hosting pakage on bluehost, Set Up Hosting Account With Bluehost and setup wordpress.

6 Configure Your Website

After installing wordpress on your hotedweb server you have to do basic configurations, such as Site Name, title , tag line , administrator, permalink path etc.

7 Choose Best Theme

Choose  best wordpress theme suitable to your business or blog topic. You can purchase worlds most beautiful website themes from Evanto Market

8 Create Page/Post and Publish

Create Your First page, Home Page, Contact and about pages, Publish your first post.

9 Optimize Website Performance

Optimize your website by enabling cache, and using speedup plugins. Many of them freely available in wordpress plugin store.

10 Socialize/Search Engine Optimization

Create Facebook, Google, Youtube etc pages on social websites, Publish unique and quality content to your website. Follow Search Engine optimization Guidelines

11 Secure Your Web Site

Set complex website login password, disable default admin login, you can install security improvement plugins to your website. Always keep your plugin, CMS up to date.

12 Upgrade Package/Hosting Plan

If your website is getting massive visitors and needs more proccessing and storege capabilities. Or you want to increase number of websites you can upgrade your hosting package.

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