Get an Online Business Idea

Online business is a great opportunity for everyone, but the same business idea does not work for everyone. Everyone is different in his passion, interest and expertise field. Plunging into online business is very easy, but what about long-lasting success? You should start an online business carefully, and it all starts with what business idea you choose. The wrong idea always puts in struggling to survive in the future.

Before you start an online business, make a clear mindset about what is an online business & how to research & choose an online business idea.

2 👉Steps To Get An Online Business Idea

Starting an online business is an easy task. But acquiring business goals is no easy task. All your online business success depends on what idea you choose and how you implement it. Passion and interest are not sufficient alone. Sincere dedication and perfect plan to move forward is very important. Let’s go through the following basic steps of business idea evaluation.

✔️1. Explore Your Passion & Area Of Interest

Before starting, you must explore your passion and the area of your interest, if you select a topic from your area of interest, you will enjoy it, you will work on it for a longer time than any other topic, and most importantly, you will stay motivated.

To identify your area of interest take a blank page, (or print this file) make three equal vertical columns, 1. I am passionate about, 2. I am an expert in, 3. I can write about and 4. Common Area

Now, in the first column I am passionate about, write down the list of all the things about you are passionate or most interested.  In the second column I am expert in, write down the area in which you are expert, you are educated. In the third column, I can write about,  enlist all the topics about you can write, talk.

✔️2. Decide Your Market & Niche Topic

Now,  from this three-column, make the round to all those topics, items which are common and most related to each other. Now write down your topics list, this is your primary topic.

Your list may be very simple and short but hundreds of ideas can be evaluated from this primary topic,  look at the Johns third column if he keeps thinking and improving his skills he will keep getting more and more sub-topics. here is the list of some popular niche topics

  • Fitness & Health
  • How to
  • Traveling
  • Beauty Tips & Products
  • Personal Finance
  • Latest Trends
  • Personal Hobby,
  • Fishing,
  • Kiting
  • Green Energy Products

See Full List

✔️3. Research Your Market

Try to make different types of keywords that come under your topic. Using Google Keyword Planner you can check how many people searching for things related to your topic, search each of your topic keywords separately and combined for different results. Sort the result, and take out all most demanded topics. Check your topic keywords popularity at Google Trends

Search your topic in the search engine and note down all related things, ideas, topics, and keywords which you can implement. Mostly focus on search suggestions.

✔️4. Get an Online Business Idea

An online business can be categorized into three main categories based on what they provide to the visitors are Contents, Products, and Services.

1 |- Contents

It can be blog post, articles, meme, video, podcast , multimedia media product,e-books, research papers, reviews and lots of things to which traffic can engage and interact.

Start a blog: Share your knowledge and experience to the people all over the world. Millions of people read blogs daily. Provide them contents to read which will benefit them in their life and work. Regularly post articles, stories and reviews on your blog. Make social trust, bond with your blog readers they will keep returning to your blog. Promote reviewed good products and services related to your topic through posts. Monetize your blog using affiliate marketing and ad campaigns. Read More…

2 |- Products

It can be shippable physical product such as tools, appliances, clothings etc or downloadable digital products such as e-book, softwares etc

Start selling products online: You can start selling products directly online using your own online store. Grab the good quality product suppliers that fit your niche topic. Decide price by adding a profit margin, you can sell it online on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or on local e-commerce website such as Flipkart in India. If you wish to keep your online business in your own control, start an online store with Shopify with 14 days fully functional free trial. Read More…

Get Trending Ideas & Free Resources To Start An Online Shop

Start a drop-shipping business: Drop-shipping is the very low investment and zero inventory profitable business. Set up an online store with Shopify and using oberlo or other drop-shipping apps/plugins import product in your store. In dropshipping you have to display third-party products in your store, a customer will make an order on your store and the third party will ship that product to your customer under your brand name. Inventory and shipment will be handled by a third-party. You have to handle just order & payment processing.

Sell software products: Develop or Find software that can be sold on your website, make a business tie or join a partnership program with software developers. Promote software product on your website, blog. Business software’s such as ERP, Billing, Accounting etc

Sell digital assets: Digital assets have huge demand. Digital assets can be Stock Images, Event Photographs, Vectors, Graphics, Website Themes, Mockups, Products Photos, Arts, Music / Video Compositions, Domain Names, ready-made Websites. Build your portfolio website, sell digital products/assets online on various digital contents stores such as Envato ThemeForest, Shutterstock etc

Sell domain names: Some domain names contain highly demanded keywords. reserve such a good and meaningful names domain names. Sell them later. Hunt for near expiry high-quality domain names.

Develop & sell mobile android/ios apps: Everyone with moderate programming skills can develop android & ios apps. Learn simple IDE based android & ios app development. Monetize apps and publish on their app store.

3 |- Services

This is chargeable services that can be provided over internet such as coaching, web hosting, consulting etc.

Freelancing: Freelancing is self-employment, Develop contents, web elements, digital products, and services to sell them online. Participate in online projects, tasks, complete them from home to make money.

Digital marketing & SEO: Start a career in Digital Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. Run marketing campaigns, provide SEO service to new business owners. charge them for service.

Web designing service: Use your web designing skills to develop websites for new business, take them online. Many people seek for freelance web developers instead of reputed companies as they are costly.

Reseller hosting: If you have or can attract a sufficient number of website clients, start reseller hosting service. Host your client’s website on your reseller account. Charge them for hosting service as per your own hosting plan.

Online consultancy service: Start online consultancy service related to your expertise field. Investigate people’s problems such as social, legal, medical, property, marriage etc consult them and solve their problems. If you satisfy them they will pay fees very happily.

1 👉What Is An Online Business?

👉What Is An Online Business?
Online Business Possibilities

A business which generates revenue by selling contents, products or providing service to the customers over the internet is an online business. It could be any form of online presence like website, blog, online store or the service portal.

There are many forms we can implement an online business.It is always recommended for you to start your online business with the topics you already familiar with. It has a higher success rate than other non-familiar topics, even other topics are more profitable. You can go for non-familiar topics after you obtain good content making and marketing skills.

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