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We work hard to get our business at a success point. While doing this sometime we forget about our self. Business is not the only thing that requires growth. We both should grow in the right way. There are many ways we can learn about business growth. What about self-growth?

Self-growth or personal growth involves making improvements in all aspects of life so that you get closer to realizing your true potential. It can be achieved through activities that give you a better sense of awareness and individual identity. Improving on your talents, expanding your knowledge, working on your weaknesses, and reinforcing your strengths are all a part of self-growth. For most people, external influences can prevent them from achieving their goals and self-growth can be a solution for them.

” Without Self Growth, The Success Is Meaningless. “

Self-growth can be measured in many aspects like attitude, mental health, natural health, productivity, anger management, stress management, time management etc. There are lots of reading resources available on the internet. Sites like Self Growth has thousands of good quality articles on everyday issues that need to be solved to achieve your personal improvement goals.

Here on Good Reads site, I found some Self Development Quotes

“If you want to lead an extraordinary life, find out what the ordinary do–and don’t do it.” 

― Tommy Newberry [Book: Success Is Not an Accident]

Let’s discuss the few weak aspects of our life and what things can help us to get rid of them

Fear of failure: It is bad for your motivation but you need it in very little amount. Turn it into your strength by using it as a trigger to keep yourself conscious what decisions you are taking.

Anger: Don’t get angry at every bad incidence but you should be angry if it is really needed. But don’t take any decision when you are angry.

Honesty: Are you faking yourself? if yes. Stop it right now. You can lie everybody but not yourself. If you do lie, it will harm your confidence and self-respect.

Consistency: If you keep doing one possible thing consistently is thousands time better than you do one impossible thing. Consistency is a miracle. Not everyone can do this. Consistency is the key to your success.

Ego: There are two types of egos good and bad. Good ego forces you to keep doing good things positively even there is a negative atmosphere around. The bad ego is like poison you should leave it as soon as possible. The bad ego will keep you doing things in a bad way just for fake self-respect.

Productivity: Ask yourself which task is more important. Prefer to do that task first which are required to start other important tasks. Don’t start in the blank. Be ready with the perfect plan. Good plan and arrangement of required things and tools improve productivity.

Recovery from the failure: Mostly first time you may face failure. It happens even you have put the best of you. Again try to learn from it. Don’t take time to get recovered. Be prepared for unnecessary or unexpected failure by a positive mindset.

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